Friday, May 15, 2020

Sample of Using Personal Experience in an Analytical Essay

Sample of Using Personal Experience in an Analytical EssayA sample of using personal experience in an analytical essay is easy to come by. It is also easy to find. The key is to come up with one that doesn't contain the 'no-no's.'I'm not talking about the kinds of personal experience that your parents used to explain to you when you were a kid. Nor am I talking about how your mother-in-law used to take you shopping. No, I'm talking about the kind of personal experience that comes from somebody else's experience. Somebody you know. I'm talking about the kind of personal experience that's actually part of the background you are exploring in your own essay.If you're trying to write an academic essay on something like religion, it would be helpful to go back to an article that covered that area of study several years ago. Find out what some of the theories about religion are. What's the common idea about the nature of religion? What do you think about the role of God in all of that?And t hen go on to describe that experience you had at a church or some other study group. How did it feel to be part of something so large and so important? How did it feel to be in a group of people who were doing something significant for themselves and for others?This is just one of the ways that this kind of experience can help you see things that you might otherwise miss. It will give you an important part of what it means to be human.If you are writing an academic essay about education, for example, look at what you can learn from studying one part of the world that teaches that subject. Take the time to read books or to go to classes on that topic.And finally, if you have some sort of personal experience with regard to the field of study that you are exploring, find a way to include it in your essay. You might use a story about an interview you did that was unusually well done. Or you might use a real experience that you could tell of.So long as the personal experience isn't in th e abstract, it won't hurt you. It might even make your essay more interesting.

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